Wedding Videographers

Pulling off the perfect wedding is one thing. Preserving all of the special moments so that you can relive them again and again is quite another. Hiring a professional wedding videographer is probably the most important decision you will make in terms of your wedding plans. If you mess this one up, you will have to live with it forever. You don't want a situation where you don't even want the footage brought up after the fact. This is a joyous occasion and you deserve to have it documented in such a way that you will want to remember it. The great thing about video is that it is more than just snapshots in time, it actually provides you with more of a lifelike depiction that includes audio. But again, to have it done right, you need to find a talented and professional videographer that you can work with to get the footage right. There are some amazing videographers in the Las Vegas area and we are here to help you as much as possible to find the one that will make you happy with your final product.

When you meet with any potential videographer, make sure that you talk with them about shooting styles. You need to decide which style you like best and then make sure that the person you hire to shoot your wedding specializes in that style. You won't be happy unless you make sure of this. We recommend that you read up on each style and become as knowledgeable as you can about them in a short time. Briefly, there are five major styles that videographers specialize in. The journalistic style incorporates moments as they happen throughout the day. This style captures events in the natural flow of your event. The cinematic style is shot and edited like a movie. A major emphasis is placed on editing in this style with the use of elements like special effects and montages. The short form style is a highly edited version of your wedding footage. Then, there is always the traditional wedding video style where everything is filmed from start to finish. Lastly, there is a newer style that has recently emerged know as the marryoke. In this style, the wedding party and others are instructed to mime at various parts of the day. Then, during the editing process, these action portions are edited into a chose musical piece which creates more of a music video style. Again, make sure you know which one you like the most so you know what kind of videographer to look for.

Make sure you watch video footage of past weddings they have done. Try to notice how professional the presentation is. Is the lighting horrible? How are they as an editor. Are they familiar with your venues? If they are, many of the logistics of where and how to shoot has already been figured out. Ask for references. Follow through and talk to their past clients, this can be a valuable source of information because they know the candidate first hand.

Don't be shy about asking any potential videographer questions that you are wondering about or that you absolutely need the answers to. For instance, how long have they been shooting weddings? How many do they shoot per year? What has been their experience in the past in terms of coordinating with a photographer. Do they ever use a second shooter? Have a long talk about style as mentioned above. How much are their services? Do they offer packages? If they do, check each one out in detail, there might be one that fits you perfectly. Don't be afraid to talk about your budget with the candidate. If you absolutely have to stay close to a certain number, let them know. They might be able to save you some money in various areas. Sometimes, just having quality wedding footage shot is enough at first. You might be able to afford a professional shooting your wedding and then they provide you with the raw footage afterwards. Then, at a later time, when you have more disposable income, you can have them or another professional edit your raw footage into a more finished product. We hope we have opened your eyes to many of the options out there and provided some guidance to helping you find the right videographer for you and your special day.

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