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Congratulations, you are engaged and have agreed to say I do. Now, you turn around and staring you right in the face is a mountain of checklists and decisions to be made in order to pull off your dream wedding. For an individual who has never done something like this before, it can really be overwhelming. The schedule itself is something out of a horror film. You have come to the realization that you need professional help. What you need is a wedding planner. Do a Google search for wedding planners in the Las Vegas area. You will be inundated with hundreds on the result pages. How do you know which one to pick or even to consider? We are here to do what we can to help you in your search. So, we have included a guide of sorts below that will hopefully lead you to the wedding planner for you.

When you are looking at those Google results, pick out a few that are closest to you and check out their websites. As you visit each one, ask yourself some questions. Does the site look professional or does it look like a second grader put it together? Remember, you want someone who is a true professional and if their calling card to the world looks shoddy and is not well put together, you should second guess considering them to be your wedding planner. Take a look at their online portfolios of past weddings they have worked on. From your perusing, write down a few names that look impressive to you. Contact each one and setup a time to meet and discuss your wedding. This will be a job interview. When you meet with a potential candidate, tell them as much as you know about your wedding up to this point: your date, number of people coming, design ideas, etc.

You don't have to launch right into your questions during your interview, feel free to make some small talk and get to know them a bit first It is best if you pick wedding vendors that you actually get along with because you might as well make your experience as pleasurable as possible. Talk about their background. Why did they become a wedding planning? Is this something that they do full-time, is this their livelihood? We recommend that you avoid anyone that tells you this is a side job for them or a weekend gig. Ask them about some past wedding planning experiences. How many weddings have they planned in the past year? Are they a good communicator. One of the worst experiences you could possibly have is to work with someone you might have miscommunications with. This is not something you want during your wedding planning process. Are they likable? Do they have any kind of certifications? We recommend that you ask for at least five references. If they have planned at least five weddings that came off well, there is a very good chance you are dealing with a quality wedding planner. But make sure that you call all of the references they give you and ask about any potential red flags and their overall experience with the planner.

If you have a venue booked already, tell your candidate about it and ask if they have worked with that particular vendor before. If you do not have a venue, ask if they can make recommendations and whether they help with procuring one. The same goes for your other wedding vendors. Because of their contacts and the business they are in, do they have any contacts that might give you a discount on their services? Do they handle any vendor interaction?

Make sure they show you their portfolio of past weddings they have planned. You want to be clear what they actually did in terms of the planning. Once you have discussed all of this pertinent information, ask them about the bottom line. How much is all of this planning going to cost you? As with most vendors, they will probably offer package deals. If their number is a long way from your budget numbers, you will probably want to cross them off of your list. If you really like a particular planner and they are not too far off, you have two options. You can either pay the overage or you can talk it out with them and see what they might be able to do for you to bring the number in line. It doesn't hurt to ask. As always, get everything in writing and once you are satisfied, sign the contract

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