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If Las Vegas is about anything other than gambling, it is about the glitz, the lights and the camera. So, when it comes to finding a wedding photographer, you won't have to worry about having choices. What you do have to worry about is focusing in on the right candidate for you. Don't take this for granted. It is not an easy process, but it is very important one. Expect to put a lot of work into the search. There will be times when you wonder if it should be this hard, but if you stick with the process and let it fully play out, not taking any shortcuts, more than likely you will be happy with your choice in the end. We say more than likely because nothing is 100% guaranteed, however, if you avoid the mistakes discussed below, we believe you will be on the path to the photographer that you will be satisfied with. For a huge selections of options across the usa we recommend Wedding Photography by pros.

More than likely, this is the first time you have ever had to search for and hire a wedding photographer. There are a lot of issues to consider. One mistake that you definitely don't want to make is to not pay attention to the photographer's personality. This issue is more important than you might realize. Even if the person you are considering is really competent, if you don't like them then it really is not going to make for a great day or a great overall experience. More than any other wedding vendor, your photographer is going to be intimately involved in almost every moment of your wedding and certainly the important ones. You want to make sure you have a comfort factor with them. If the person you hire is abusive or rubs you or your guests the wrong way, it can really be a major downer on what should be a fun and happy day. And think about this. If they are involved in a number of negative moments during your wedding day, whenever you look at your wedding pictures in the future, guess what memories are going to flood back to you. So, please heed this advice. You want your experience to be the most awesome it can possibly be, make sure you like your photographer.

If you have to make a choice between products that a photographer offers and the photographer's level of skill, choose the skill level 100% of the time. If for budget reasons, you have to make some tough choices, our suggestion is to hire a really good photographer and then you can decide on that album you really like in the future. The main thing is to get quality photos taken by a professional who knows what they are doing. If you don't have quality photos taken, nothing else will matter. You can't redo your wedding, but you can have prints ordered down the road.

Don't fall into the trap of being talked into letting an amateur photographer shoot your wedding. This is a huge no no. Many couples have decided to let a cousin or uncle handle their wedding photography either because they were told they had experience or that it would be cheaper or because the person thought it would be a piece of cake. Afterwards, disappointment was the word of the day. That and a lot of crying. Don't undervalue the talent and skill of a professional. Yes, it can be a bit of an investment, but think of it as just that. You won't be happy unless you have it done right. You can look at them off and on for years and enjoy the memories.

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