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One of the more important elements of a wedding is how you look, and how you feel about it, too. Which is why during the process of planning the wedding, it is imperative to hire a professional make-up artist so that you know the task is being handled by an experienced person. There have been many horror stories of brides using one of their siblings or friends to do the make-up for their wedding, only to be completely devastated upon witnessing the results are not nearly up to their expectations. While you may save a decent chunk of change by using an amateur or yourself, you will be getting what you pay for. If you have the budget space, and are looking for a good make-up artist, you are in luck, as Las Vegas has many dependable make-up artists. If you follow the guide below, it should help you find the right person for the job much easier.

To begin your search, consider your favorite salon, ask people you know, or do an on line search for local MUAs. It is also a very good idea to go to your local mall, and go to a department store like Lord and Taylor's, Macy's, or Bloomingdale's. It may help to cross reference these candidates on line to read customer reviews. Look through reviews for important information, such as the following: Was the artist professional? Did they use clean tools? Was their makeup high quality? Did they create the look the bride requested? Were they on time to the trial appointment and the wedding? These are all important things to note. Once you have a decent list, call around to check on availability for wedding date and ask what their price range is, and make appointments with any available in-budget salons or independent artists.

The second step after scheduling interviews with each available candidate is to prepare some questions and your vision to share with them. Ask them how experienced they are in their field, and how many weddings they provide their services to on a yearly average. Ask to see pictures of past clients, and if possible, in-progress shots. For every interview, you should have them run a demonstration on you. You want to be open with each candidate, you want to be able to determine if they will mesh with your expectations. It may help to schedule a trial with the candidates that really strike you as legitimate contenders. Perhaps you have a big company dinner or gala coming up that you want to look spiffy for? This would be a good time to test one of the make-up artists to see if they are even capable of handling your wedding. One of the biggest complaints that bride's have with professional make-up artists is sometimes they are a bit too heavy-handed. This trial run should be a good indicator if this candidate is up to scratch. Before the end of each interview, you will want to discuss the costs of their services, and it's wise to ask for a sample invoice so you can see exactly what you're getting for your money.

After you've met with each potential artist, seen their portfolios, and seen their work on yourself, decide which one you'd like to work with. Once you have come to a conclusion on which of these candidates will be the right fit, you should sign an agreement with them, and place a deposit. With this task handled, you will be guaranteed to look gorgeous on the day of your wedding! Congratulations!

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