Henderson Dining Detours

Lindo Michoacan

(702) 837-6828

645 Carnegie St.
Henderson, NV 89052

Let's start right off the bat with the wonderful service. You are never left waiting around for the waitstaff nor do they bother you, they seem to have waiting tables down to a science. As they do their kitchen, the rate in which they turn out food is incredible, where at most places you will be left waiting 30+ minutes they usually have your food on your table in 10-15 minutes. This food is always hot and fresh and portioned generously. The only way you will be disappointed is if you come in seeking a completely authentic Mexican restaurant, this is one of the best tex-mex restaurants you will ever experience though.

Todd's Unique Dining

(702) 259-8633

4350 E Sunset Rd
Henderson, NV 89014

Located in a boring strip mall in Henderson, about 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, Chef Todd Clore runs a family restaurant where you’ll find the chef’s wife waiting tables herself. The menu changes frequently, focusing on the freshest ingredients Clore can get his hands on, proving that you don’t need the backing of a big hotel to get the best product in Nevada. Todd's is definitely in the upscale category, and is widely considered one of the few suburban gourmet rooms in the valley, yet they have been able to keep most entree prices to the mid-$20 range, which in itself is quite the accomplishment.


(702) 508-2008

76 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy #150
Henderson, NV 89012

Complimentary fried Won Tons greet you at your table w/ sample dipping sauce ranging in heat/spice from 1, 2, 3, 4, a wonderfully simple idea to help new patrons understand their personal spice level preference before placing their entree order. The ambiance is very relaxed and still incredibly chic and trendy, especially in the evening. The location itself is very clean and nice and the staff was incredibly attentive and friendly. This is an amazing little gem tucked away into a random shopping complex, but don't let the low key location off Exit 59 near I-956 & Horizon dissuade or fool you!

Bistro Pizza

(702) 508-2008

55 S Gibson Rd
Henderson, NV 89012

One of the best pizza places I have tried yet. The owner is a very nice guy named Tyler who is very personable and you can tell he is dedicated to making sure his product is good and his customers are happy. In addition to your pizza the garlic knots are an absolute must have item. Along with some more unique menu items like Bistro fries which are tossed in fresh garlic, parsley, parmesan, romano and pecorino cheeses. Ghost Pepper fries, if you dare. Even a Canadian favorite Poutine, Seasoned fries smothered with homemade brown gravy topped and baked with mozzarella cheese. You have to try this place!