Wedding Florists

You have heard the old saying that people should stop and smell the flowers. Well, when it comes to your wedding flowers there may be something to the old adage because taking some time to consider what will work and what won't and finding a professional that can help you with those decisions is extremely important. Don't beat yourself up about these decisions, this is probably not your field of expertise and that is exactly why you need the help of a true professional florist who can see things that the rest of us don't. In the Las Vegas area, there are wedding florists on every corner, but can they do the job you need them to. Check out some of the things not to do when it comes to your wedding flowers and we hope they lead you to the right things.

One of the reasons you want to seek out a professional to help with your flowers is because most of us get focused in on the trees and not the forest. You may get myopic about your bouquet or the main table centerpiece. However, a wedding florist has a sense of how the overall picture is supposed to be and how all of the pieces work together to make a puzzle. A good one should also have a sense of what fits with the rest of the room décor. So, this really comes down to trust. If you have a good repore with your florist, trust them that they know what they are doing as they ask for your input in the design process.

Another mistake some people make is not allowing the reuse of the flowers that were used in the ceremony. The ceremony did not last that long and the flowers are still very fresh and looking good. Your florist should be able to convert their use to the reception. This will not only save you a lot of money, it just makes good common sense. On a related note, it usually works out best if you convey your overall design thoughts to the florist and let them worry about the little details in implementing your scheme. Getting bogged down in every little detail will wear you out at some point.

Don't make the mistake of not communicating with your florist. If you absolutely hate calla lilies, make sure your chosen florist knows that so you don't see them at your reception. Another issue to discuss is how colors can affect photography. The average person would not give this much thought, but different colors can really affect the way your pictures turn out. Ask your florist what combination that goes with your color scheme would be best for your photographer.

A few smaller issue to consider. Don't pick flowers that won't last very long because you will be disappointed when you see wilted flowers after only a couple of hours. Try to avoid strongly scented flowers because your guest with bad allergies will be miserable. Don't order your flowers too late. If your flowers have to be sent from another part of the country or another part of the world, you will want to provide amble time for them to get to you. And last but not least, don't forget the table linens, you want to make sure they complement your flower arrangement. Your florist can help you with this.

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