Wedding Cakes

A great wedding cake is one of those interesting items that someone getting married must look for. If you get the perfect one, you don't even notice. If you don't, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Las Vegas has so many great wedding cake bakers and for good reason. However, when searching for the right cake for your reception, there is a method to the madness. And we are here to help you with the method. Consider this a guide to helping you put your money where your mouth is.

Timing is everything. You want to start looking for your wedding cake designer/baker after you have decided your overall style including the bride's dress and the color scheme. Have this information ready when you talk to potential bakers. Whoever you setup interviews with, make sure they have a great reputation and that you have some first hand knowledge that they are capable. You will want to have a budget in mind before you meet. The price of a wedding cake usually ranges from $3 to $30 a slice. We suggest you really only go with what you are content with and not be carried away by all kind of extras. It can get costly really fast.

Talk to each candidate about matching the cake to your reception venue. This may not matter to but a lot of people enjoy this little touch. Prospective bakers will allow you to taste a number of flavors. Try to pick something out that you genuinely like. And remember, its a brave new world out there now. You don't have to just stick with chocolate and vanilla, feel free to step outside these confines for some different flavors if the inclination grabs you.

We suggest that you educate yourself on wedding cakes as much as possible before you go to meet any prospective bakers. Find out everything you can on frosting. Buttercream, for example, has an awesome taste and is usually much less expensive. Fondant can provide all kinds of great looks depending on what design you are going for, but keep in mind it is much more expensive. These are the kinds of issues you want to be knowledgeable about. Read up on decoration options like gum paste and sugar paste. The more items you have on your cake like this will raise the cost dramatically.

Talk to bakers about timing. When would your cake be made? Do they freeze parts of it and then bring how the pieces when its time. Any baker that tells you they freeze cake ahead of time is not worth considering. You want your cake to be as fresh as possible on the day of your wedding. Also, talk about presentation, what kind of table will it be displayed on? Will it be well lit? Do they add any other decorative elements to complete the picture? Something that a lot of people don't think to ask about is having a small sample cake made for the bride and groom. This can be very special for later that night or even the next day. We hope our words of advice leads you to the perfect wedding cake.

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