Wedding Bands

It has been said before, but it is worth saying again. There is nothing like live music as any event, including a wedding. You agree so you have decided to take the plunge and hire a live band. Now, the tricky thing is how to find the right band for you. You know what you like in terms of music, but you also realize that not all bands can deliver what you will be happy with. There are a lot of wanna be musicians in the Las Vegas area so beware. So, how is the best way to go about finding and booking a wedding band? Check out this advice, we hope it helps.

The first thing you want to do draw on your own experience. Have you been to a wedding lately where you really enjoyed the band at the reception? If you have, you will want to get the contact information of the band. Outside of that, talk to friends and family about their experiences. There are websites that list out local bands and supply a link to the individual band's website. Listen to the demos that the band supplies on their website. If something really catches your ear, write their information down. When you contact a specific band, pay attention to how quickly they respond to you. If they take awhile to get back to you, cross them off of your list because their actions showed a true lack of respect.

A lot of people want to go through an agency because they feel like its safer and that they have the contacts that an individual would not. With today's information technology, this is not necessary. We suggest you look on your own and find them directly. You never know when an agency is pushing a certain band for whatever reason. Another thing about going direct is you will have contact with the actual musicians and you won't run the risk of any miscommunication. Plus, going through an agency will always cost you more.

We recommend you ask the band if you can see them perform. If it works out, then you will really get a good taste of what they can do. If not, try to evaluate a DVD performance or a 3 song demo. When you meet with the band leader, make sure you understand how they like to operate. Ask them how long they usually perform and if you need breaks. When it comes to price, the only advice we have is expect to pay something for quality. Your wedding is important enough to get the right band for this special moment.

Work out the details with the band. Go over a setlist, find out how many songs you can add to that list. If there is anything you absolutely don't like, ask to have them taken out. Ask them if they will play requests from the crowd. People differ on this point, but if you want music during dinner, ask the band you are considering if they can provide a more muted atmosphere for that time period. If it matters to you, you may want to ask how they will be dressed. Again, some people care about this kind of thing more than others. Ask if they will need a stage. And when you feel that you are happy with all of their answers, go ahead and book them as soon as possible. Also here are some options for Wedding Bands in Ann Arbor

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